Let’s see this GTA 6 trailer, then?

Ohhh, cross on then.

We pored over the data in our GTA trailer analysis piece while it first landed, but as you can see there’s loads to drink in right here. We’ve have been given a putting: a go back to Vice City where Tommy Vercetti’s ‘80s pastiche took place lower back in 2002. We’ve have been given a number of Florida Man cultural references. We’ve have been given a release date, a relevant man or woman, and masses more to over-examine in advance than Rockstar throws us a few other bone.

When’s the GTA 6 launch date?

You need to in all likelihood be sitting for this: it’s now not out for any other years.
Currently the discharge date is simply ‘2025’. If you need to begin pinning bits of pink string to corkboards approximately it, Rockstar generally has an inclination to release video games within the again half of the yr – Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in October 2018, and GTA V got here out in September 2013. That’s hardly ever grounds to start reserving your annual go away in Q3/4 2025 quite but, but it’s the fine clue we’ve got as to exactly in which in the calendar twelve months GTA 6’s release could in all likelihood fall.

How lots can we know approximately the arena map?

Well, we know it’s Vice City. However, it’s extraordinarily not going that Rockstar will whack a few 2025-grade textures over the same metropolis layout that featured in 2002’s GTA: Vice City and clock off early for the day.
While Vice City’s first look in 3-d generation GTA became approximately parodying Miami Vice, Scarface, and Eighties extra, here it appears to be more of a landscape for Rockstar to find out ‘Florida Man’ way of lifestyles, the frequently-memed phenomenon of weird crimes and happenings from the Sunshine State that the media likes to cover in as salacious a shape as possible. It’s very contemporary, in other terms.
As for the format and size of the map itself, the trailer confirmed us everglades and exceptional natural vistas so we’re looking ahead to a big region to roam outside town limits. GTA V gave us exactly that with Blaine County, so there’s no cause to assume GTA 6’s map can be smaller.

Who can we be playing as?

The rumours in the run-as much as this assertion have been that GTA should centre round a Bonnie and Clyde tale of types. Two lawbreaking fans, on the run from the government, elevating hell anywhere they pass and then having a kiss and a cuddle to wind down afterwards.
The show trailer doesn’t outright confirm that theory, however it does hint at it. We’re added to Lucia, who’s speaking to her parole officer within the Vice City clink. We see clips of her robbing convenience stores with a masked associate and making off with their ill-gotten earnings collectively in a getaway automobile. Is it her lover? Based on absolutely nothing, we’re announcing truly, concretely, incontrovertibly, positive it’s miles. Or no longer. Let’s be patient on that one.

What systems will it release on?

According to a press launch issued thru Rockstar on the time of the monitor trailer drop, GTA 6 has been showed for PlayStation five and Xbox Series X/S consoles.
That leaves a few extraordinary structures out inside the cold for now. We’ve had no phrase on whether or not it’ll be making its way to PS4 or Xbox one, nor PC. Looking again at how preceding Rockstar releases have approached multi-platform releases despite the fact that, we’d say a PC model is all but inevitable.

It might be a 12 months later, or perhaps two, however GTA and Red Dead titles continually end up on PC.
Old gen console variations are less probable. Sorry.

What became all this approximately GTA 6 leaks?

Sadly, it’s real. Back in 2022 Rockstar released a assertion confirming that sensitive internal files had been accessed and shared online.
“We nowadays suffered a community intrusion wherein an unauthorised 0.33 birthday party illegally accessed and downloaded exceptional records from our systems, inclusive of early improvement pictures for the following Grand Theft Auto.
“We are tremendously disillusioned to have any details of our subsequent sport shared with you all in this way. We stay as dedicated as ever to delivering an experience to you, our gamers, that genuinely exceeds your expectancies.”
As curious as all of us are approximately large upcoming video video games, no individual wants to see them shared in that manner, absolutely out of doors the developer’s control. It takes a bit of graft to make video games like GTA, notwithstanding the whole thing.
Fortunately, the leak changed into managed quite short and for most people, the reveal trailer became their first take a look at GTA 6.

What now, then?

Now we wait. We’re watching for to listen significantly extra earlier than the game comes out in 2024, together with a number one have a look at GTA 6 gameplay a while in 2024 and an introduction to the tale. Will it’s a tale of gun-toting outlaw lovers in spite of everything? The trailers will tell all.

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